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Film Faced Plywood:::::::::::::::::

Woodsply Film Faced Plywood is Pine,Popar,Birch or Combi plywood coated on both sides with a smooth hard wearing phenolic film overlay.

Woodsply Film Faced Plywood features
• smooth, maintenance free surface
• easy to keep clean
• ready for use
• high load bearing capacity

The high strength of plywood makes it an ideal material for system formwork. The panel keeps its shape regardless of changes in humidity. Woodsply Film Faced Plywood has found a number of end uses.

Woodsply Film Faced Plywood applications
• formwork
• farm building
• sport facilities
• vehicle walls, inside linings, bulkheads

High-quality forming board for system formwork

Woodsply Film Faced Plywood

Base plywood
Pine,Popar,Birch or Combi Plywood

WBP exterior,

Brown phenolic film 120 g/m2 on both sides, alternatively Black 220-240 g/m2 on both sides

Edge treatment
Brown acrylic paint or Silver, Purple silicon paint against moisture pick up

12, 15, 18, and 21 mm
1220/1250 x 2440/2500 mm

Pine approx 700kg/m3
Poplar approx 500kg/m3
Birch approx 700 kg/m3
Combi approx 680 kg/m3

Wear resistance
Taber value up to 800 R with 220 g/m2 coating

Other data
Modulus of elasticity, characteristics strengths and ready calculated span/load/deflection charts for various loading conditions for plywoods are presented in the Inspection Report.

Drilling of holes and edge machining like T&G, chamfer and rebate on request
ISO 9001, CE.

The information, although based on extensive testing, is intended as a guideline only and comes without warranty. We reserve the right to amend specifications without notice. Any defects other than caused by clearly verified production or service faults by the supplier are the responsibility of the user. Any claim for compensation is limited to the value of the defective panels.

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